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White Dog Imaging


White Dog Imaging was founded by Maxwell French, a Watertown native. Having spent considerable time as a hobbyist, 2013 saw it develop into a part-time service gig for others as well.

Maxwell's Computer and IT background fit nicely with the digital landscape that is modern photography and web work.

Our Name

White Dog Imaging started life as Shutter Alchemy.

In 2015, we realized that the name was cute but at the end of the day it was more trouble than it was worth. It also didn't reflect the diversity of our offerings.

So, we changed it.

Our name was inspired by our current dog, Hewie, as well our previous pup, Wolfie. Hewie is a White German Shepherd, while Wolfie was a Samoyed - Husky mix.

We didn't set out to have white dogs, but such are things!

Hewie's profile serves as the logo for White Dog Imaging, too.


White Dog Imaging can be reached via email, Facebook, regular mail (PO Box 904, Watertown, NY 13601), or by phone at (315)775-8364.